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People accumulate upsets and confusions from the beginnings of their lives, and these tend to influence, inhibit or even prevent self-actualization. As a result, very few people are truly themselves. Instead most are shadows within composites of affects: adopted personas and ways of being which, as often as not, are inappropriate to the moment.

Our Resolution Chaplains assist their clients to recover their true selves and lives by taking them through a course of guided confessional known as Stress Affect Resolution (SAR). SAR consists of a series of confidential steps.

Part A, PTSDebriefing, assists people from all walks of life - military, public-service and first responders, and ordinary citizens - to resolve the spiritual factors behind the destructive response patterns that result from reactions to trauma.

Part B, Reconstruction, assists PTSDebriefing completions to redesign their places and goals in life to better fit the dreams of their newly rediscovered selves.

We don't charge PTSD clients a fee, although we do hope they'll make a pay-it-forward contribution to the chaplaincy once they have resolved their situations. In fact, we expect a great many of them will request acceptance to become trained as chaplains themselves, helping with the concern that so many people are afflicted and need our assistance.

For more detail on PTSDebriefing, visit our PTSDebriefing site.

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