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Resolution Chapel is a rescue mission of ASC Missions Group, ntc.,
a tax-exempt trust.

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Resolving PTSD as a social problem is a long-term project.
There are almost a million military cases alone!

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ASC Missions Group's IRS taxpayer reference number is 91-2049111.

Resolution Chapel is non-proselytizing: Clients/recipients are not required to consider or accept any theories, philosophies or beliefs.

Stress Affect Resolution (PTSDebriefing) is not psychological or medical treatment.

PTSDebriefing is a structured inquiry intended to assist the person to sort response patterns, triggers and internalized access keys in a particular manner that is designed to discharge intensity-driven impulses and inhibitions. It is therefore a spiritual self-discovery process, and is classified as a form of guided confessional.

Stress Affect Resolution is delivered only by trained clerical professionals known as Resolution Chaplains.

For more detail, visit our PTSDebriefing info site.

Book: PTSD Explained
Visit PTSDebriefing.Org
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